More Lovely Feedback

17 October, 2012

“I just wanted to follow up and say what a fabulous few days I had in Parkes at your Gathering. It was my first Gathering and I look forward to attending future ones. Your committee delivered a first class event and left no stone unturned.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many delightful, engaged and motivated women. I came away having made a number of new friends and am full of admiration for you all. Such an event takes an enormous amount of though and effort.

Thank you also for the opportunity to speak about the RAS Foundation’s work with rural people and communities. I really appreciated the chance to let people know how we may be able to assist.

The possibility of hosting a Gathering in Narrabri in 2015 is a very appealing one. Having just relocated back to town, I feel that 2014 is a little too soon for me to try and get a committee together. I may well be in touch to learn the recipe of your success.

I wish you all the very best and thank you once again. Jocellin.”


“I must be one of the luckiest people, firstly, to meet such a lovely person as Judi Unger on a cruise and then to be invited to the most amazing event I have ever been too.

 I would also like to thankyou for putting together such an amazing gathering of women for 2012. I had the best time of my life. A weekend spent with lovely, kind, caring women, entertained by some wonderful events and empowered by speakers from some very talented women. I have come away charged up to challenge to ‘ reach, engage, achieve and dream.

You are just an incredible women to organise with your committee the most well run, most well planned, thoughtout weekend for 380 women (pussycats).

 You are an inspiration to all women.

 Thankyou, Robyn”


Salute to the Rural Women

17 October, 2012

Poem by Heather Veal.

Twenty years since our first gathering
We meet here once more today.
Twenty years has seen some changes
As we go along our way.

Agriculture brings to mind cattle, wool bales, wheat and oats.
But alpacas, olives, vineyards, dairy products, cashmere goats
Are new ideas in farming. Not just here in N.S.W.
Why, I know of one brave soul who began by farming snails !

The concept of a modern rural woman seems to me
One who lives, and loves, and works in her own community.
It’s the Year of the Farmer – recognition gives its’ due
Know well that accolade belongs to me – and you.

She’s a farmer. She’s a businesswoman, a lover,and a wife.
A teacher. A nurse. A retailer of necessities of life.
Enhancing our community, playing on a global stage,
Promoting country lifestyle – our valuable heritage.

Drought and flood will take its toll on family, home and self.
Falling prices, rising debts, erode your share of pelf.
She supports the rural ethic, realising little thanks
Comes of playing Devils’ Advocate with creditors and banks.

Indulge yourself these next few days.
Gather friends and ideas new.
Have fun. Relax. See the Central West
From your different points of view.

She’s become the standard-bearer for the motto “Dare to Dream”.
Setting and achieving goals, on her own, or as a team
Share the friendship of our Region, before going on your way
Welcome, Rural Woman, there’s no doubt – you’re here to stay.


What a rollercoaster …

16 October, 2012


 I have to say that I have had the “best” weekend ever and I am SOooooo greatful to have been welcomed and included into this event. I loved the team work, the lovely ladies and the getting on with the job.

 I was feeling on a high on Sunday morning after such a successful day on Saturday and such a lot of laughs and good company on Saturday night. Sunday morning I didn’t even have to drag myself along (I came of my own free will) to breakfast and yoga/pilates in the park; what a buzz being up before lunch time on a weekend! I followed this up with African drumming, it was so exhilarating and I had such a great time – I haven’t felt so wonderful for a long time. I then listened to Jessica Rowe and she was lovely and she made me cry and then it was back to the circle of drums finale – what a rollercoaster and what a great experience.

I have met a lot of lovely ladies and I worked with many wonderful Parkes women, whom I miss already.

I hope that others beside feeling exhausted are feeling as uplifted as I am. Thank you so much for sharing the ride.



The Gathering was a Success!

15 October, 2012

Over 380 women attending Parkes this past weekend. The weather was lovely, workshops enjoyed, the keynote speakers gave interesting and thought provoking talks. All in all the Parkes Rural Women’s Gathering was a great success.

Thanks and feedback is already coming in:

This was my first Rural Womens gathering that I have attended. I didn’t know anything about them, I feel sure now that I have been under a rock for the last 60 years.
Just wanted to pass onto you and ALL of your very hard working Committee my CONGRATULATIONS.
What a fantastic, emotional, empowering, weekend, I feel Scone would have been thinking how can we top this one.
Thanks to you and your Committee again and hope to see some of you around the traps.
A BIG PAT ON THE BACK TO YOU ALL. It appeared to me to run like clockwork.

Congratulations to you and all who worked so very hard to organise a fantastic weekend. I had the opportunity to speak with several ladies from far and wide and all without exception expressed how much they were enjoying their stay and all that had been organised for them.
As a group of volunteers you have all excelled with your efforts to stage a hugely successful event. I know only too well the hard work and sacrifice and sometimes frustration that goes into staging a large event such as this and I wanted to let you know how much everyone I had spoken with had appreciated all that had been arranged to make the weekend such a memorable experience.
I am very sure it is not all completed just because everyone has gone home as there is always a mountain of paperwork to be compiled after an event of this scale but I do hope you have some time to rest up after all your efforts.
Again from one volunteer to another please know all your hard work and that of your co-workers has been noticed and very much appreciated.

The Committee would like to thank all those who helped bring this amazing event together.
Thanks also to those who attended and participated in the many events on offer.

Please let us know what you thought about the Parkes Gathering. Use the “Leave a Comments” link below.

The many photos form the weekend are being downloaded and collated. We will bring you a snapshot soon!


Rural Women Feature!

12 October, 2012

Parkes photographer, Maree Grant, has created a video featuring and celebrating rural women.





Last chance to register for Rural Womens Gathering

3 October, 2012

345 registrations received and still counting …..

The Executive Committee are encouraging local ladies to come along with a final chance to register for this much anticipated statewide event to be held here in Parkes in under two weeks time. Highlights of the event will include:

  • Launch of 2012 Hidden Treasures
  • Honour Roll
  • Rural Women’ Photographic Exhibition
  • Bustling marketplace
  • Art exhibition and photograph displays
  • Keynote speakers celebrating the ‘Australian Year of the Farmer’ and ‘National Year of Reading’
  • Diverse selection of hands on workshops
  • Elvis Tribute Show – with world famous Elvis impersonator Mark Andrew
  • Spectacular finale with Chris Baker – ‘circleofdrums’

With more than 400 ladies expected to converge on Parkes for this great event don’t be the one who didn’t make it.

Final day that registrations will be able to be accepted will be Friday, October 5.

Program and Registration Form (PDF 2mb)


Volunteers Needed!

14 September, 2012

We need your help to ensure that the 400 women attending the Gathering are guided to the correct workshops, are given our famous “Parkes hospitality”, and are given all the special treatment that only Parkes can give!

If you want to be part of this exciting and one-off event, then contact us for a volunteer form, fill it in, return it and become an important part of the event.

We will fit you to a job, day and time that suits you. So whether you can give us a couple of hours or a couple of days, we definitely want to hear from you.

Contact details are: Carolyn 0418414255 or 68622778, or Jeanine 68621187 or 0428270014, or email to parkesruralwomensgathering@gmail.com.

Or down load the Volunteer Application Form.